All our courses are taught live on an online platform with expert instructors. All our sessions are highly interactive, live, practical and engaging.

Yes, it is advisable to build competencies of Level 1 before enrolling in Level 2. If you already have proficiency in topics covered in Level 1 then you can directly enroll in Level 2. The topics of level 1 will not be taught again in Level 2.

Yes, as a serious learner of the art or craft, it is recommended that you enroll in both the levels together to ensure complete understanding, practice and learning of the subject area.

Yes, certificate will be handed over to all participants at the end of each level once they submit their project and post a 150-word review about the course.

Yes, you will get a recording of every session and it will be available to view for 90 days after the level ends.

The courses will be conducted on a safe online platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams or another similar LMS.

Yes, 100%. The online learning platform is absolutely user friendly.

Once you enroll, you will immediately receive the online login details and password for your online learning platform. You can then login from your laptop or mobile.

Yes. you can take the course on your mobile. However, it is recommended you take the course on a laptop for better experience and interaction.

The duration of the course varies as per the subject area. It starts at as low as 12 hours to as high as 21 hours for a level.

Yes, project submission is necessary and important for your learning and certification process.

You can post your queries and works for feedback. They will be answered in the next session by the instructor. You also have a two-hour long exit session in the end of each level to resolve all the queries and doubts before the level ends.

You can procure the material from our trusted suppliers mentioned on the website. Or you can procure them from your local shops or online buying sites once we email you the material list.

Detailed material list along with the course time-table will be emailed to you after you enroll for the course.

It varies from one course to another. The investment starts at as low as 300/- per kit for a level to as high as 5,000/- a kit for a level depending upon the course and level selected.

The details of delivery and logistics are to be negotiated by you with the supplier. We are only a facilitator to help you procure the right material. While we have taken due care in suggesting a reliable supplier to you, we do not take any responsibility of delivery, quantity and quality of the material.