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  • Expert and experienced instructors
  • 100% practical learning
  • Learner paced way of teaching
  • Personal attention
  • Recorded video revisit facility
  • Guidance and query resolution
  • Support for material procurement
  • Safe and user-friendly online platform
  • Age limit above 15 years
  • Small batch size of only 10 people
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Detangle your thoughts, entwine new learning possibilities and weave your own nest of earning opportunities. Macrame is the textile art of knotting. Our Online Macrame courses offer you in-depth and extensive learning of skills and techniques to make simple to advance handcrafted macrame products. Fun, rejuvenation and lots of learning is guaranteed.

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Recent Works

  • Some who wants to start a business of handcrafted products
  • Who wants to enter home gifting segment
  • Who wants to work on corporate gifting orders
  • Someone who wants to teach crafts to others
  • Anyone who wants to take their Macrame skills to the next level with the right inputs.
  • Who wants to spend some time learning and doing something productive
  • Someone who is looking to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Homemakers looking to start their own business from home, aspiring crafters, students, interior decorators, working women and men, people looking to re-kindle their creativity, find value in our macrame classes online.

Macrame Course Online Material

You do not need any prior experience of macrame to attend Level 1 of online macrame course, and workshops. 

It is recommended that you have the competencies equivalent to the Level 1 to attend Level 2 with us. 

Regarding materials, all you will need is single ply macrame yarn, scissors, measuring tape and macrame ring/rod easily available at home. 

You can procure the macrame yarn from our trusted supplier listed on the website by asking for the “Paint Lab Macrame Yarn” or buy these from your local shops once we email the material list to you.


  1. What is Macrame Art ?

Macramé is the art of knotting a textile. It is a textile crafting technique that involves working with several types of knots to create functional & useful pieces of work.
Whether it’s your home décor, clothing accessories, jewelry and so much more can be done with this beautiful knotting technique.
Macramé is like meditation. With every knot, you detangle your thoughts, entwine new possibilities, and weave your own nest of opportunities. All this with just using your own hands and some simple supplies.

  1. Is this an online recorded course or live course?

This is a live macrame online course with expert macrame craft instructors. All the sessions are highly interactive, live, practical and engaging.

  1. How many hours course and how many classes?

The Macrame course has 12 hours of live classes. There are 6 live classes conducted twice a week.

  1. How many days course?

It is a 3 weeks course with 6 live online instructor-led macrame classes of 2 hours each. A 24x7 hour chat window to help you learn the craft perfectly in 3 weeks with us.

  1. Can I get a trial session of online macrame classes?

Yes, you can attend our upcoming Macrame Workshop. We call them Primers. Primer is a window to the Macrame course. You can also call it a live online Macrame workshop. In Primers you make a small Macrame product yourself in a live session. Registrations are on a first-come-first-served basis.

  1. What is the cost of Macrame workshop online in India?

The cost, timing, date and product details of Macrame Workshop are given in this link =-

  1. When is the trial macrame art class scheduled?

The cost, timing, date and product details about Macrame Workshop are given in this link =-

  1. What is the material required for macrame online course?

  • MACRAME YARN: 2 kg, 2 strand yarn of 4mm thickness
  • 2 Wooden curtain rings – approx 2.5 inch diameter
  • Dreamcatcher metal hoop (ref link -
  • Scissors to cut the rope
  • Inch tape to measure the rope
  • Hoops: set of 2 pairs (ref link: )
  1. Where can I get the material for the courses?

You can procure the Macrame yarn from the supplier mentioned on the website - . Or you can procure the material from your local shops or online buying sites once we email you the material list. We are only a facilitator to help you procure the right material. While we have taken due care in suggesting a reliable supplier to you, we do not take any responsibility of delivery, quantity and quality of the material.

  1. When do I receive the material list from you?

Detailed material list will be emailed or whatsapp to you after you enroll for the Macrame course.

  1. What is the investment in material kit?

The investment in the yarn if procured from our trusted supplier is around 600/- (courier charges extra). However, this may vary as per market conditions. For the final price list, please contact the supplier directly. Paint Lab has no role to play in your negotiations with the supplier.

  1. In how many days can I get the material kit if I order it from the supplier on your website?

The details of delivery and logistics are to be negotiated by you with the supplier. We are only a facilitator to help you procure the right material. While we have taken due care in suggesting a reliable supplier to you, we do not take any responsibility of delivery, quantity and quality of the material.

  1. Will I get a macrame course certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, certificate will be handed over to all participants at the end of each level of live virtual macrame course once you submit the macrame project pictures.

  1. Will I get a recording of the session?

Yes, you will get a recording of all live macrame classes and it will be available to view for 90 days after the level ends.

  1. I have not done Macrame before, can I still do it?

Yes, these live online Macrame classes are absolutely beginner-friendly. You do not need any prior experience to learn Macrame and create some amazing Macrame products and masterpieces.

  1. Is it necessary to attend Level 1 to enroll in level 2?

Yes, it is advisable to build competencies of Level 1 live macrame course before enrolling in Level 2. If you already have proficiency in topics covered in Level 1 online macrame classes then you can directly enroll in Level 2 live macrame lessons online. The topics of level 1 will not be taught again in Level 2 live macrame online classes.

  1. Can I enroll in both the levels in one go?

Yes, as a serious learner of the art or craft, it is recommended that you enroll in both the levels of live macrame online course together to ensure complete understanding, practice and learning of the subject areas like making a wall hanging, elegant plant pot holders or plant hangers, macrame jewellery and much more.

  1. Which online platform will be used to conduct the macrame workshop online & courses?

The live macrame online classes will be conducted on a safe online platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams or another similar LMS.

  1. Will I be able to use the online platform easily?

Yes, absolutely. The live online learning platform is absolutely user friendly.

  1. How can I start the course once the enrolment is done?

Once you enroll, you will immediately receive the online login details and password for your online learning platform to start your live Macrame classes. You can then login from your laptop or mobile to attend the live classes.

  1. Can I take the macrame course online on mobile?

Yes. You can take the Macrame course on your mobile. However, it is recommended you take the course on a laptop for better experience and interaction.

  1. What is the duration of macrame art courses?

The 3 weeks course has 6 live and interactive classes of 2 hours each.

  1. What are the days and timings for the classes?

It is usually held on weekends. Saturday-Sunday, 11 am to 1 pm

  1. Can I ask doubt after the live class is over?

Yes, absolutely. A 24X7 hour chat window is open for all doubts and queries post the live Macrame training session.

  1. Is it necessary to submit the macrame project?

Yes, project submission is necessary and important for your learning and macrame certification process.


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