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Terms and Conditions | Paint Lab

Terms & Conditions

I have read the below terms and conditions carefully and accept that any access to and use of Paint Lab courses is subject to below terms and conditions.


I grant Paint Lab the permission to contact me through various means of communications including but not limited to email, WhatsApp, calls, etc to provide information about the products and services of Paint Lab.


I grant Paint Lab the permission to use my works, made during the learning sessions organised by Paint Lab and shared after the sessions with Paint Lab.

These works may be used for any internal or external, online or offline communication by Paint Lab to promote its business.

The copyright of my art and craft work stands assigned to the Company Paint Lab, under the copyright act 1957.

If I share plagiarized works claiming to be mine then the Paint Lab shall not be held responsible for the plagiarism.


I acknowledge that I may be furnished or may otherwise receive or have access to information which relates to Paint Lab’s past, present or future products, vendor list, creative works, marketing strategies, pending projects and proposals and other proprietary information which gives the Paint Lab an opportunity to acquire an advantage over its competitors who do not know or use it (the “Proprietary Information”).

I agree to preserve and protect the confidentiality of the Proprietary Information and all physical forms thereof, whether disclosed to me before this Acceptance/Undertaking is signed or afterward, in addition, I will not disclose or disseminate the Proprietary Information to any third party and shall not use it for the benefit of self or any third party.

Adherence to law

I agree to notify Paint Lab immediately of any extortive solicitation, demand, or other request for anything of value, by or on behalf of any entity or individual, relating to the subject matter of this Acceptance/Undertaking.

Acknowledgement of irreparable harm

I acknowledge that my breach or threatened breach of obligations under this Acceptance/undertaking would result in irreparable harm to the Paint Lab that cannot be adequately relieved by money alone.


I shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Paint Lab at its officers, directors, employees, agents, parents, students subsidiaries and other affiliates, from and against any and all damages, cost, liability, and expense whatsoever (including attorneys’ fees and related disbursements) incurred by reason of

Any herein;

Injury to or death of any person or any damage to or loss of property which is due to the negligence and/or wilful acts of TUTOR; or

Any breach by Agreement.


This Acceptance / Undertaking shall commence on 1ST OF NOVEMBER 2020 and shall become effective on the commencement date and shall, unless otherwise terminated in accordance with the provisions hereof, continue in effect for an indefinite term of years.

Changes to the terms and conditions

I accept that Paint Lab has the discretion to update this Terms and Conditions policy at any time. I acknowledge and agree that it is my responsibility to review this policy periodically and become aware of modifications. ​

Dispute resolution

This Policy shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes arising in relation to or out of this Policy shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of courts at U.P. / New Delhi.

If you have any questions about this Policy please contact us at:

Paint Lab
57D, MIG Flats,
Sector 100
Noida - 201301

This document was last updated on 1 st November'20